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Agile auditing is a fresh new look at how can undercover new ways of working in a respected and long standing profession.

A relatively new concept in the world of business agility, Audit is fast becoming an active space for agile adoption, with the people and profession being at the heart of the change.

Over time this page will be populated with case studies and lessons learned, aimed at providing you with the education you need to take the courageous step of working in new ways in the profession you love.


Insights[edit source]

Case Studies[edit source]

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Hear from people who have gone through this journey already.

Further Reading[edit source]

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Want to go deeper? Read (and watch) more details about specific areas of Business Agility.

Books & Book Reviews[edit source]

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Not sure what to read, check our some of our Business Agility book recommendations and reviews

Interviews[edit source]

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Watch (or listen to) interviews from global Business Agility leaders.

Supporting Frameworks[edit source]

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How do you "do" Business Agility? Here are all the frameworks, methods and tools for you.

Join the Audit Community[edit | edit source]

If you'd like to continue the conversation with like minded individuals around Audit, join the Business Agility slack community. Specifically join the #governance-strategy channel.

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Library Steward[edit | edit source]

The content in this section has been brought together and curated by the great folk at Agile in Audit. The stewards of the Business Agility Library are leaders in their field and we quite literally couldn't create such amazing content without their support. These organisations are leaders in the community and, through their actions and insights, continue to expand the horizon of business agility for us all.

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