The Goal - A Process of Ongoing Improvement

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Author: Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox

30th Anniversary Edition. Written in a fast-paced thriller style, The Goal, a gripping novel, is transforming management thinking throughout the world. It is a book to recommend to your friends in industry - even to your bosses - but not to your competitors. Alex Rogo is a harried plant manager working ever more desperately to try improve performance. His factory is rapidly heading for disaster. So is his marriage. He has ninety days to save his plant - or it will be closed by corporate HQ, with hundreds of job losses. It takes a chance meeting with a professor from student days - Jonah - to help him break out of conventional ways of thinking to see what needs to be done. The story of Alex's fight to save his plant is more than compulsive reading. It contains a serious message for all managers in industry and explains the ideas, which underline the Theory of Constraints (TOC), developed by Eli Goldratt.

Evan's Review: The theory of constraints is such a simple idea that you wonder why it wasn't codified earlier. Regardless, "The Goal" is a great read and by portraying the ideas in a story format is a wonderful change from the traditional textbook style. However, that is also my main criticism; in that it takes nearly 400 pages to describe, what is ultimately, a very simple idea. Still I'd definitely recommend that it should be on everyone's bookshelf.

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