Creating Role and Project Clarity at T-Mobile

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Jim Ewel

Description[edit | edit source]

T-Mobile is is the midst of an Agile transformation. As they move to cross-functional teams and Agile projects, they’ve found it helpful to get real clarity around people’s roles as well as clarity about the scope and goals of newly established Agile projects. Jim will describe a couple of techniques that they’ve used to clarify and communicate roles, as well as what they’ve done to provide project clarity.

Download the slides here:Media:ewel-t-mobile slides.pdf

Jim Ewel, President & Founder @[edit | edit source]

Jim Ewel began blogging about Agile Marketing in 2011 and is now the leading blogger on the topic ( He also was the co-organizer of the first gathering of Agile Marketers, called SprintZero, in June of 2012, and is one of the authors of the Agile Marketing Manifesto, He is frequently asked to speak on the topic of Agile Marketing at industry conferences, and he has taught Agile Marketing at companies as diverse as T-Mobile, SpaceSaver, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Zenprise.