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Andy Cerio

Description[edit | edit source]

Generally, this isn’t the first thing you consider when launching a new grocery offering into new markets as teams are generally focused on differentiating features and how to bring the offering to market. Andy will tell a story about how he and a small team leveraged ruthless prioritization, a test and learn team culture, and partnered heavily to navigate a large organization for support and execution to bring this new offering to life in a timespan measured in days, not quarters, or months.

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Andy Cerio | Sr. Director of Product Management @ Target[edit | edit source]

Andy Cerio has seventeen years of experience encompassing omni-channel retail, e-commerce, enterprise capability development, and make-to-order manufacturing. He has a passion for product management, defining strategy, and shaping organizational culture while driving change and execution. When not focused on execution, Andy enjoys partnering with individuals and teams to elevate their performance and career development, extolling the virtues of the ‘Silicon Prairie’ (hailing from the Twin Cities), training for marathons, and going on hikes with his wife and two daughters.