The 22000 Persons Start-up

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Conference Video[edit | edit source]

Watch the video here:

Business Agility Conference 2017

Description[edit | edit source]

The session will see Paul Cobban share his insights into the transformational journey DBS has taken to emerge as a more agile organization. A journey that has led to Making Banking Joyful for both – Customers and Employees of the 22000 employee organization. A 360-degree approach that is inspired by some of the best technology companies in the world and redefines the way the bank works today, to replicate a truly start-up environment.

Paul Cobban

About Paul[edit | edit source]

Paul leads bankwide transformation programs that redefine Customers and Employees experiences by building a strong culture, reimagining future of work and driving Innovation across the bank. In addition, he leads core functions including OPEX, Lean IT deployment, procurement, real estate, risk management and the technology hub in Hyderabad, India for the bank.

Paul and his team’s work has been extensively applauded by HBR, MIT, NTU, SMU, Forrester and ISED and he holds advisory roles with FinTech Advisory council for the IIF, SMU's FITA, IBF horizontal skills working committee and is on the Asian Banker's list of leading practitioners.