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Sales and Marketing Teams interface between consumers (or customers) and the delivery teams. They are responsible for the promotion, pricing, market research, lead generation, and sale of your products and services. Effective sales and marketing teams will interact closely with your customers, through shop fronts, online websites, social media, or professional networks. Sales and marketing also work closely with the delivery teams, to ensure that the outcomes meet Customer needs or expectations.

  • Typical products: High-level product requirements, packaging.
  • Typical processes: Lead generation, market research, setting prices, promotion, professional networking, presentations (e.g. conferences and trade shows), sales (online, shop front, or B2B), distribution.
  • Optional processes: Advertising campaigns, social media, customer service.
  • Frameworks and guidelines: Relevant legislation.
  • Typical Customer: The organisation (represented by the senior executive). Depending on your organisation, the delivery teams can be a customer, but the converse is also possible, where the marketing manager is the customer of the delivery teams.
  • Stakeholders: Media and Communications (branding and advertising), Finance and Accounting (budget and cashflow).
  • Work style: Ad hoc. Suitable for continuous delivery (e.g. Kanban).

Sales and Marketing often work in an agile way already, so under business agility their role may not change significantly. For B2B products, sales staff are still responsible for lead generation, but handover to the Delivery Teams is much earlier. Remember, Delivery Teams have the responsibility for working directly with the Customers. For B2C products, the marketing manager may become the Delivery Team’s Customer, with the additional responsibilities that entails. There is minimal change to consumer sales Teams, e.g. shop front staff.

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