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Technical Agility

The techniques for delivering work, regardless of function or subject matter, in an agile way.

For decades, agile teams have promoted strong Technical Agility as the keystone for “being” agile. The purpose being to increase quality & throughput and at the same time embracing uncertainty & change. Many of the agile methods developed over the last 20 years, such as Extreme Programming (XP), Behaviour Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, and DevOps, are almost entirely devoted to Technical Agility. And Technical Agility isn’t limited to just software either. Any domain of work can be technically agile - for example, we’re starting to see agility emerge in marketing and finance work with their own agile practices (e.g. Agile Marketing or Beyond Budgeting).

To be technically agile, any work practice or technique needs to be designed for ambiguity, be customer centric, seamlessly respond to change, and promote collaboration. To benefit from Technical Agility, your organisation requires the other 8 domains, but these techniques & practices are generally a good place to start.


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How do you "do" Business Agility? Here are all the frameworks, methods and tools for you.

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