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{{Template List}}
{{Template List}}
=Join the Agile Utilities Community=
If you'd like to continue the conversation with like minded individuals around Agile in Utility Organisations, join the [https://businessagility-slack.herokuapp.com/ Business Agility slack community].
[[File:slack banner.png|none|thumb|Business Agility Slack Community|link=https://businessagility-slack.herokuapp.com/]]
=Library Steward=
This section is currently un-stewarded. If you have a passion for this space and would like to take ownership for the guidance and insights within, please contact [https://businessagility.institute/contact/ Evan Leybourn]. The stewards of the Business Agility Library are leaders in their field and we quite literally couldn't create such amazing content without their support. These people & organisations are leaders in the community and, through their actions and insights, continue to expand the horizon of business agility for us all.
[[File:silhouette.jpg|This could be you!|thumb|300x300px|link=https://businessagility.institute/contact/|left]]

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