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Laurence Jourdain

The BNP Paribas Fortis transformation team started their roadmap towards an Agile Bank in May 2017. Their ambition to have most of headquarters activities agile by end 2020 is a journey where the Business goes from supporter to full owner of the collaboration model. Laurence Jourdain, in charge of Enterprise Agility, will share the holistic transformation approach they selected and why, what were the challenges and pitfalls they were confronted with so far, what value their transformation is expected to deliver and what are the successes so far. She will take you through this journey not only through the rational elements but also through the testimonials and feedbacks received along the way.

Download slides here: https://wiki.businessagility.institute/w/File:[email protected]_our_journey_to_be_more_than_a_bank.pdf

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by Laurence Jourdain | Agile Magician @ BNP Paribas Fortis