Agile Governance: not an oxymoron by Bala Bulusu

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Bala Bulusu

Description[edit | edit source]

Does an industry like investment banking, with its myriad controls and regulations, need more governance? Can agile be a good fit in such an environment?

Société Générale, a bank with 150+ years of heritage, has always been at the forefront of robust engineering solutions in its IT units. After mastering agility through Continuous Improvement, and achieving a high degree of maturity on Continuous Integration, the natural progression was to scale agile across Business and IT.

Bala Bulusu will share the need for governance, the governance model and KPIs at different levels and his experience on the journey towards agility in such a critical transformation.

Key Take-aways; how agility and governance can coexist, how KPI’s are fundamental to good governance, and more!

Download the slides here:Media:Agile Governance not an oxymoron by Bala Bulusu.pdf

Bala Bulusu | COO (IT) @ Société Générale[edit | edit source]

Bala oversees strategic and operational activities in IT, Investment Banking, at Société Générale, in addition to his oversight over the ongoing [email protected] transformation. His diverse experience of 22+ years includes roles in IT, Business Operations, Vendor Management, BCP and PMO.