Open Salaries - From employees to managing partners by Alexey Voronin

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Agile Prague
Alexey Voronin

Do you want to hire the best? I suppose yes. Do you want them to grow and ime their skills continuously? Hope so? But what happens if people grow quicker than the company itself? That might be an issue and you need serious changes to keep employees interested to stay and grow. We used Open Salaries and money transparency in ScrumTrek company to retain interest and have a new source of enthusiasm and way to influence company decisions. This happened 1.5 years ago and we are happy to share how it feels from inside.

Download the slides here:Media:Open Salaries - From employees to managing partners.pdf

Alexey Voronin | Managing Partner, Agile Coach @ ScrumTrek[edit | edit source]

Alexey is a Managing Partner and an Agile Coach at ScrumTrek. ScrumTrek is the largest Russian Agile coaching and training company which is famous for it's self-managing culture. Alexey is interested in modern management methods and agility in the enterprise. He is working with main Russian companies in different industries (banking, manufacturing, software, insurance) and helping them to succeed during their Agile journey.

Also he is a producer of the largest Russian agile conferences - Agile Days, Agile Business Conference.