Sustaining Happiness Once You Have It

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Conference Video[edit | edit source]

Watch the video here:

Business Agility Conference 2017

Description[edit | edit source]

There are plenty of talks on how to create happy employees, this isn’t one of them. Here’s how to KEEP them. This talk exposes you to a field tested model of employee recognition that keeps your happy team happy. Chip Loving and Jason Hall, creators of [email protected] will explore the disconnect between traditional bonus/profit share and organizational contribution. We’ll discuss what led us to this model, go into the underpinnings of how it really works, and show the greater connection it’s had to maintaining a happy work environment for our employees.

  • Background on our Profit share model (Before)
    • Link into transparency element of Teal org structures
    • Tie into employee recognition
  • What we saw happening
    • Random Pennies
    • Disconnect between profit and works of recognition
    • Effect of scoring “low”
  • How we Pivoted
    • Explain how the recognition system works
  • Impact it’s had
    • Creation of Positive Ledger = More positive (than negative energy) = sustained happiness
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Chip Loving
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Jason Hall

About Chip and Jason[edit | edit source]

Chip: I am a business transformation professional with 15 years’ corporate experience in Agile, strategic consulting, executive leadership, and process operations. I am passionate about building high-performing teams and proven track record with executives, middle managers, software development and operations. I am an expert relationship builder and facilitator, comfortable leading in ambiguous situations, and have demonstrated ability to: apply integrative thinking, produce detailed planning and multifaceted communication, deliver individual and team/Enterprise coaching, create and facilitate experiential learning.

Jason: I’m a pragmatic Enterprise and Team coach, with a niche in product ownership. I started in the government sector as a product owner and got to see first hand the challenges, patience required, and eventual benefits of Agile delivery through a soup-to-nuts transformation effort. Aside from coaching, I teach foundational Agile courses, facilitate Enterprise Value team formations, speak on Organizational Management theory, and lead team and user story jumpstarts. I have practical experience in the following markets: Commercial, DoD, Federal Aviation Administration, non-profits, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security, NASA, Center for Disease Control.