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While the journey never ends, the first step is to understand “why”. What defines your company and it’s purpose? In many ways, this will define the way you work together, cooperate and create value for your customers. At every point along this journey, each domain will have a different level of fluency. Focus on those which are currently the most constraining or disruptive to your overall business agility.

Becoming an agile organisation is an incremental process. There is no single point you say to yourself, ‘Yesterday we weren’t Agile, but today we are. Success!’ However, you can say, ‘Today we are more Agile than yesterday!’ Your journey to business agility can be formal, through a transformation programme, or informal, through ad hoc changes addressing problem areas. Regardless of the mechanism, your business agility journey begins with a set of clear organisational goals. Ask yourself; what is your organisation trying to achieve.

And it’s not an easy journey. The systemic nature of transitioning to business agility can have a profound impact on individuals. Across the entire organisation there must be inspiring leadership, clear communication and a common purpose to create champions out of everyone. And there will be people in your organisation who do not wish to work in this way and will leave. There’s no value judgement in this, simply needing a different way to work. Respect and understanding must be shown to everyone, even those leaving. 

However, despite the complexity of the transition, the benefits to business agility are manifest. Starting with the ability to rapidly respond to competitive challenges, disruption and changes in demand. In fact, an agile organisation can do more than just respond, you can be the challenger and disrupter in an uncertain and unpredictable market. Staff satisfaction and retention is higher and, with a general reduction in management overheads, operating costs are lower. Finally, because agile organisations are purpose driven, you are able to be more responsive to your customers or wider purpose.

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