Ownership Mindset

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Ownership Mindset
Individuals and teams taking pride and accountability in their work.

An Ownership Mindset means, as an individual or team, taking accountability for the quality and success of both the output and outcomes of your work. Both of these are important as ownership doesn’t mean perfection. It means knowing why you are doing the work (the outcome) and making sure that what you produce (the output) is fit-for-purpose. It means understanding, learning, and challenging rather than following instructions.

Teams who own their work generally take pride in what they produce. However, being agile means to take pride without arrogance. Ownership means being willing to collaborate with other; to learn from them, ask for help, even potentially reverse engineering their work, to achieve the outcome.

An Ownership Mindset isn’t unidirectional. Individuals and teams need to be given the authority, as well as the accountability, for an outcome. Organisations and leaders need to be transparent about the strategic decisions that are being made. For an individual or team to be held accountable for their decisions they need to have the appropriate information so as to not make a predictably incorrect decision. This has specific implications in publicly traded organisations relating to insider trading regulations (e.g. knowledge of share price triggers) but many organisation have solved this conundrum.