Creating a Culture of Value through HR

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Conference Video[edit | edit source]

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Business Agility Conference 2017

Abstract[edit | edit source]

The role of HR in creating an agile organisation is not just to implement controls and standards but rather, to drive programs that create adaptability, innovation, collaboration and speed. To help clients transform themselves, HR as a function also needs to transform; adopting an Agile mindset and understanding of Agile principles and practices is critical to HR's ability to support clients to develop rapid and flexible response to change.

About Isabella[edit | edit source]

Isabella Serg
Isabella Serg is a Talent Advisor at IBM in New York. She is helping to coach and develop agile leadership within IBM’s Chief Information Office and to attract, develop and retain great talent to IBM.

Isabella spent the first part of her career working in Australia in financial services. She has experience in the management of succession planning, workforce planning, diversity and internship programs and organizational design using agile methodologies to address skills gaps, improve effectiveness and drive the management of high and poor performance across an organization.