Structuring Your Business for Agility

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Conference Video[edit | edit source]

Watch the video here:

Business Agility Conference 2017

Description[edit | edit source]

Its not enough to have teams do stand-ups, retrospectives, Agile planning, story carding and the host of other Agile practices that are meant to change culture and deliver results. A key success factor is how the organisation is structured. This case story will go through the why, what and how of a restructuring experience to turn around a 10,000 strong operational team of Sales Support people to an Agile way of working and deliver outstanding results of 30% cost reduction and 80% cycle time improvement. This presentation will walk through the why, what and how of the entire approach, sharing the good and gory experiences, the successes and the pitfalls.

About Phil[edit | edit source]

Phil Abernathy

Phil Abernathy is an inspiring Agile Leadership Coach who specialises in guiding organisations on their Agile transformation journey. His mission is to make every work place a happy, productive place. Over the past 2 years Phil has been instrumental in helping IBM change to an Agile way of working. He works with both IT and non IT teams to help them deliver outstanding results while increasing their employee engagement and customer satisfaction scores.

His passion is making a material difference to the top and bottom line of companies, by substantially lifting the capability of their Leaders. With 35 years of experience in blue chip companies all over the world, Phil is the owner and founder of Purple Candor (, an Australian company focused on enabling leadership and organisational excellence using Agile as the way of working.