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Agile Prague
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Yves Hanoulle

In the agile community, we focus a lot on techniques and methodologies that help us to do agile. Yet we all know people who do Agile by the book and who are not agile. Yes, people can do Agile and still not be agile. A lot of people struggle with what does it mean to truly BE agile? In this talk, Yves hopes to inspire you with his ideas for an agile and lean mindset.

Download the slides here:Media:Agile Mindset by Yves Hanoulle.pdf

Yves Hanoulle | Creative Collaboration Agent[edit | edit source]

Yves is a Creative Collaboration Agent.

He loves creating teams that build nice things using computers.

Yves is na-yves (naive) and trusts people by default. This has cost him already some money, won him a lot of friends and gave him an interesting life doing things where cautious people are too afraid to dream on.