Marsha Z Shenk - Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet

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Marsha Shenk

Speaker: Marsha Z Shenk

Subject: Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet

Title: Consultant / Coach / Founder @The BestWork® People

Sustaining curiosity is a central requirement of Business Agility. In this 10 minutes, we’ll review a few aspects of how our brains function and the background from which they developed. From a cocktail of Business Anthropology, Ecosystem thinking, Neuroscience, and Game Theory, we’ll take a look at how the modern workplace can cultivate or inhibit motivation, creativity, and curiosity. We’ll end with a few examples, forged over decades in the trenches with leaders facing change.

If you want see hear more of Marsha's stories, come and see her at the Business Agility Conference in NYC in March: