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To validate that you have achieved your organisational goals, you need to create a set of specific, success criteria that define measurable targets for your staff and stakeholders. Success criteria should be concise, realistic and directly measurable. It is also important to include both quantitative success measures, based on facts and figures, and qualitative success measures, based on feedback and opinion.

You can quantitatively measure the success of your business agility journey from your organisational maturity, in four key areas: Staff, Customer Engagement, Technology and Processes.


  • Staff are trained, and experienced, in business agility and associated frameworks (training measure).
  • Staff have an understanding of the underlying reasons for moving to business agility (communication measure).
  • Staff are directly empowered to engage with, and deliver to, the customers (action measure).
  • Staff are skilled in the supporting tool-sets (training measure).
  • Staff are conversant in the work, quality control and release procedures (action measure).


  • Customers are trained in their new responsibilities (training measure).
  • Customers, or their representatives, are involved in the team’s daily activities (action measure).
  • Customers actively define, and order, requirements, at least once per iteration (action measure).
  • Customers have the authority to make decisions regarding the delivery of their requirements (action measure).


  • There is a stable and well-documented supporting technology stack (action measure).
  • The supporting technology has clearly defined ownership and service levels within the organisation (communication measure).


  • Clearly defined business processes exist for all domains (action measure).
  • Cross-domain interdependencies defined for all departments (communication measure).
  • Agreed service levels exist between all departments (communication measure).
  • Each process has clear business ownership and delegations of authority identified (action measure).

From a qualitative standpoint, there are only two main success measures:

  1. Are our staff happy (action measure)?
  2. Are our Customers happy (action measure)?