The Curious Leader by Judith Mills

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Agile Prague
Judith Mills

I believe that the right question can have the most incredible results. I've seen it empower, energize, uplift. I've seen it provoke deep thought, introspection and shift perspectives. I've seen it challenge the status quo and focus teams to a common goal. It's like having a superpower.

To ask a great question takes thought and practice and you have to be paying attention. What a gift to the people you lead.

Are you using this superpower effectively to help the people you are leading? Come explore with us.

Download the slides here:Media:The Curious Leader by Judith Mills.pdf

Judith Mills | Agile Coach[edit | edit source]

Judith Mills is interested in people. Rising through the ranks from software engineer to VP Development at a global software company, Judith is equally comfortable talking with teams about building great applications as she is working on organizational strategy in the boardroom. Her interest in people and her desire to create great work environments where people can thrive and do their best drive her to continually learn more and seek new opportunities to effect change. Judith has worked with leadership teams and implemented Scrum and Kanban for hundreds of teams on three continents.